Take the Stress Out of Pressing Your Dress

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun!  But, having worked in the wedding industry since 1997, I know that planning a wedding can also be a stressful time for a bride.  As a bridal stylist, my job is to make my brides’ wedding day a little easier.

Over the years, one of the most commonly-asked questions I have received during bridal consults has been, “How am I going to steam out my dress for the day of my wedding and who’s going to help me get dressed before the ceremony?” BrideStyle was formed as a solution to this question.

As a bridal stylist, my goal is to provide solace and a bit of peace and quiet for my brides so that they can be fully present and truly enjoy one of the most important day of their lives.  I’ve created several “day of” packages for my services – let’s work together and help ease the stress on your big day!


Why Do I Need a Bridal Stylist?

Not all bridal salons offer in-house services for wedding dress pressings. Some brides decide to have their wedding planner help press their gown and get them dressed, but in reality, wedding planners are already so busy on the day of a wedding that adding such an important item to their to-do list can result in chaos. Many brides decide to have their bridesmaids help dress them on the day of the wedding, but dressing a bride isn’t as easy as you might think – there’s a very strategic way to get a bride into a dress, and if you’re not careful, zippers can break, buttons can fall off, and then more stress is added to an already-emotional day.

Honestly, most brides have no idea how to manage this aspect of their wedding day, and this is why I’m happy to offer my services through BrideStyle.  In addition to steaming the dress professionally and properly (no one wants water stains on their gown from the steamer because someone inexperienced steamed it!), of the biggest ways that I can help take the stress off of my brides on their wedding day is by handling the bustling of their dress.

The bustling effect is so important – in the past, my when working with brides at a salon, we’d write out instructions for the bride on how to do bustles and attach them to the dress so that they’d know how to approach bustling on the day of their wedding.  But more often than not, in the hecticness of getting dressed, the wedding party would lose the instructions and call the salon in the middle of reception for help.

This is why BrideStyle offers the service of helping with brides’ final fitting and doing bustling – bustles are hard to find and frustrating to deal with, and by hiring a bridal planner, you’ll have one professional on hand to take care of you.


Multiple Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs and Budget


Plush Package


Premium Package


Prestige Package


Photo Session



For me, bridal styling is not simply a job – it’s a passion.

Even after all these years, one of my greatest joys in life is seeing my beautiful brides walking down the aisle. As an emotional person myself, I form strong bonds with my brides; if she cries, I cry with her!  Many of my friendships have stemmed from working with my brides. When I start on this journey with them, it’s a relationship that I take seriously.  When I see one of my brides walking down the aisle, it feels like I’m seeing my kid going off to college!

My brides tell me, “You have this calmness about you.”  On a hectic, busy day, when everyone and everything else around you is so loud, I bring quiet and calm.

In the past, my brides have come back to work with me for other events because of the way that I’m able to offer support and expertise.  And instead of just handing them their dress and telling them to get in, I’ve developed a precise method for getting brides easily into their dress – it’s not an easy thing to do, and it’s taken me years to perfect the rhythm.

I’d love to work with you and help ease the stress on your big day.  Please feel free to get in touch and let’s chat!


Stephanie … let me start by saying thank you for everything you did in helping us w/Ainsley’s wedding gown!!!! Her sweet Daddy was blown away!!!!!!🤍💚🤍! You were there and she absolutely loved working with you!!! It was perfect for the venue!!!! Question … where to send to have it boxed???? 💝

Cindy Beeman



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